Luther and Nora Krank (Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis) are a typical middle-aged American couple.

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, they wave their daughter Blair off to Peru on a Peace Corps mission. For the first time in her life, she will be spending Christmas away from home.

Luther Krank sees his daughter's Christmas absence as an opportunity. Tired of the hassle, time, and money wasted every year over celebrating the holidays, he makes an executive decision he and his wife are going to "Skip Christmas" this year, forgoing the gifts, the tree, the cards, the parties everything associated with the holiday. Instead, Luther books a 10-day Caribbean cruise that leaves on Christmas day, the absolute antithesis to tradition.

He announces his revolutionary plan to his friends, co-workers and neighbors who naturally react with disdain and pressure them to conform to the usual Christmas convention; yet the Kranks are unwavering.

Just as the couple relishes in their holiday-avoiding success, Blair surprises them with a phone call telling them that she will be coming home for Christmas after all with her new fiancée.

Luther and Nora must now rush to jump back into the spirit of Christmas and seek the help of friends to put together a last-minute Christmas celebration.

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