Copland Cert. 18

NYPD cops who work and play in the big city by day, but return home to Garrison New Jersey - a quiet little town across the George Washington Bridge, so overflowing with cops they call it COP LAND - by night. Driving home across the bridge, Murray Babitch (Michael Rappaport) gets sideswiped by a pair of guys on a wild late-night joy ride. In a fury, he races to catch up to thier speeding vehicle - only to find they're pointing what he believes is a gun in his face. Out of instinct, Babitch grabs his own weapon, shoots and winds up in the joyriders' car, killing them both.

In no time, the bridge is wall to wall cops. One look inside the wreckage reveals the object pointed at Babitch was no gun. Months before, the media deemed Babitch a "Hero Cop" after he saved three kids from a fire. Now, Babitch knows, he runs the risk of becoming exactly the reverse, a scapegoat for police brutality. Banding together, the cops devise Babitch's way out: plant a gun in the front seat of the wreckage and have Babitch "disappear" into the cold waters of the Hudson River. Now, the morning headlines recount the courageous exploits of the missing, and presumed deceased, "Hero Cop".

Back in Garrison, local sheriff Freddy Heflin (Sylvester Stallone) wears the badge, but the big-city cops own the turf and make the rules. Freddy spends his days directing traffic, keeping an eye on the local kids and finding reasons to visit Liz Randone (Annabella Sciorra), the only woman he's ever loved.

What really happened to Babbitch and the two deceased motorists has been the subject of an intense media frenzy, bringing big-city internal affairs investigator Moe Tilden (Robert De Niro) onto the scene. Tilden was once Donlan's partner, but became everyone's enemy after he joined internal affairs, the side of the force where cops turn on thier "brother" cops. Tilden is certain there's a cover-up going on. For Freddy, the choice is between upholding the law and protecting his idols - and the woman he loves - from trouble. Now this small-town sheriff and big-city investigator are joining forces to uncover the secrets that will expose the corruption, change the rules and alter the entire landscape of COP LAND.

Buena Vista

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