The close-knit world of three female friends is turned upside down when one of them falls in love with a sexy outsider.

Kate is headmistress in a girls’ school in a small English town: forty years old, successful and respectable, and on her own. Every Monday, she gets together with her other single successful friends, Molly and Janine, for their Club, where they drink gin, eat chocolate and decide who is the ‘Saddest of the Week’.

Then Kate meets Jed, twenty five years old and an ex-pupil. And spontaneously has sex with him. What can she tell her friends? And worse, what will Molly and Janine do when Kate starts to fall in love with this unsuitable young man, and is no longer sad at all?

On discovery of the affair, Molly and Janine are incensed – he is just not her type, she is humiliating herself – and begin a campaign of resistance. But every blow they strike against him seems to drive Kate and Jed closer together; until finally, when the lovers announce their plan to marry, Molly is found by Kate in a comprising situation with Jed, and disaster strikes…….

CRUSH is a comedy of bad behaviour and female friendship.

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