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Curious George

Cert: U
Contains no sex, violence or bad language
Runtime: 1 hour 27 mins
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U.I.P. brings "Curious George," the original "monkey see, monkey do" chimp, to the screen in an all-new animated adventure based upon the beloved tales that have been enchanting readers for more than 60 years.

George, the inquisitive little primate transplanted from the jungle to the big city by The Man in the Yellow Hat, sets off in a brand new tale for the big screen, where his spunky and fun-loving nature endear him to new friends he meets along the way and lands him in a series of adventures.

Genre: Animation
UK release date: 26/05/2006
Starring: Will Ferrell (voice), Drew Barrymore (voice)
Directed by: Jun Falkenstein
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