A new comedy about giving first love a second chance


Take one impassioned young man about to meet his first love Combine with one beautiful, determined young woman, about to do the same Spice it up with a seductive vixen Blend in an anxiety-ridden friend Add an eccentric underground actor Flavor with the essence of Jim Morrison Stir in a nutty college roommate Add a drizzle of worried parents Sprinkle a dash of lusty youthfulness.

Mix it all together, simmer, and see what happens...

DOWN TO YOU is the romantic and comedic tale of Al Connelly (FREDDIE PRINZE, JR.) and Imogen (JULIA STILES),
a young couple whose passionate romance takes them for a ride down the all-too-powerful path of first love.
Set against the chaotic and hilarious backdrop of college lifestyle in New York City, their story brings to light the ever-present conflict between true love and the temptation to wander astray from commitment. When mischievous friends enter the scene, Al and Imogen are confronted with obstacles that add to the highlights and pitfalls of their love affair. Ultimately, their journey allows them to face the future, with some unexpected results.

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