Preeminent New York psychiatrist Dr. Nathan Conrad has a successful Upper West Side practice, a beautiful wife and a charming daughter. Making his way home to begin a tranquil Thanksgiving holiday, Conrad is summoned by a colleague to examine a young woman. Elisabeth Burrows presents a history of unexplained violence and a miasma of failed treatments and misdiagnoses. In short, Elisabeth is the kind of case Nathan used to live for before he went "uptown." Now, he is Elisabeth's last chance before she is shipped off to a purgatory of state institutionalization.

Nathan's skills and intuition make headway into Elisabeth's case, and his curiosity is further aroused by her mysterious first words to him: "You want what they want, don't you? ... I'll never tell ... any of you."

Little does Nathan suspect that Elisabeth and her cryptic message are tied to a danger that has closed in on him and his family. Nathan's daughter has been kidnapped by ruthless thieves, and to save her, he somehow must unlock a six-digit number locked away in Elisabeth's troubled mind. There is no discussion, no negotiation.
With his daughter's captors watching his every move, Nathan is trapped in a nightmare even he could never have envisioned. And as Nathan is reminded constantly by his tormentors: if he wants to see his daughter alive, he dare not say a single word.

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