In the hysterical new comedy The Perfect Catch, Lindsey (Drew Barrymore) is an ambitious business consultant who can’t find time to look for the right guy. When she meets high-school teacher Ben (Jimmy Fallon), he seems to be the perfect guy. He’s charming, funny, great with kids. Sure, they have their differences: she’s a workaholic, he loves his summers off. But when they meet, the attraction is immediate! Lindsey’s sure Ben is the man of her dreams, until she realizes what a 23 year obsession with his favorite team really means!! Will they strike-out or fight to keep their love alive?

Are you a workaholic? Is your partner obsessed with sports? Worried you aren't compatible? Find out how your love will play out this week/month! Let the stars reveal the answer!!


You're in the mood to do some serious hard work. Rest assured your efforts will soon be noticed by the powers that be — in other words, by your good-for-nothing partner. He better start noticing something, already, or he’s history.


You're famous for making rapid-fire choices, but a recent career matter will require some serious thought. Your career or your partner? Which is really the matter? Give yourself all the time you need to make the right decision.


It's time to take stock of what you value. That might mean balancing the checkbook -- or it might go a bit deeper. How is your love life? Is your man of any value? Or does he only take stock in car races?


This is your kind of astrological weather. Everyone is acting practically, doing what's right and only promising what they actually intend to do. Except for your partner! He’s out watching sports with his buddies…again!!


You can trust the promises made to you, be they business or personal. Even your partner won’t be lying when he says he cancelled his fishing trip to take you bra shopping. You'll be just as good about keeping your own word.


You're about to make a big announcement. You won't be at all shy about it, either, no matter where you are or who happens to be in the vicinity. It’s a shape-up or ship-out declaration. The same one you made to him last week.


It's time to get back to business — which means forcing yourself to concentrate on something other than romance. It won't be easy, but you'll need your job if you want him to keep buying those roses, right?


Your partner has an earnest look on his face, and he wants to talk. Don't worry. Not all serious talks turn out badly. He’s just working on a way to get away to the game. Let him go! You need the peace & quiet. He needs the beer.


Today you may be thinking in terms of commitment. Don't be scared. If you've found the right person, go for it. Just don’t let yourself fall for someone who puts other people (or teams…) ahead of you!


Your partner seems to have something serious on his mind, and while you don't want to admit it, you're nervous. Relax. Ask him what's up, and be ready for the happy (and expensive) surprise! Congratulations!!


You're unwilling to waste time on small talk this month. Whoever tries to put one over on you will feel the chill. Namely, your partner, who suddenly wants to talk about TV when you bring up more important matters!


A mate is finally about to make the right choice and prove just how valuable — no, how priceless — he is. Without you having to ask, he’ll surprise you with the one thing you really, really need. Commitment & love!