Actor Jimmy Fallon stars opposite Drew Barrymore in the charming romantic comedy PERFECT CATCH. Talented and funny, Fallon is already well known in America, and he is set to become a household name around the world.

Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore are captivating in the new romantic comedy, PERFECT CATCH. There is great chemistry between the talented actress and her co-star. Fallon is charismatic, funny and endearing as Ben Wrightman, a good natured and attractive teacher. Drew Barrymore plays Lindsey Meeks, an ambitious businesswoman, who meets Ben and thinks she has found her ‘ideal man’, only to discover that she is actually in a love-triangle. There is a man, a woman, and a baseball team – The Boston Red Sox. Lindsey learns that her boyfriend worships his beloved team and is in danger of neglecting her.

Although the backdrop for the film is baseball, this is a poignant and often hilarious love story, directed by The Farrelly Brothers. Fallon proves his talent as an actor with emotional depth. He is appealing as an everyman who is also hilarious.

Fallon, 30, grew up in the New York countryside and began his career as a stand-up comedian. He is a new name to film audiences across the world, but he is already familiar in America, best known for his work on the legendary TV series, Saturday Night Live. Last year he appeared in the film TAXI with Queen Latifah. He is single and lives in Los Angeles. In person, chatting about his role in PERFECT CATCH, Fallon is friendly and attractive with an appealing, self-deprecating sense of humor.

Q: How did you get involved in PERFECT CATCH?
Fallon: “Drew was actually looking for a movie for both of us to do, we knew each other and we are friends. We would call each other up and discuss scripts and then she found PERFECT CATCH and I said to her: “I like this, it is really good”. And then the Farrelly Brothers came on board and I knew it would be fantastic.”

Q: What is it that you like so much about Drew?
Fallon: “She is dreamy! She is so cool and beautiful and funny and smart. Acting opposite her is great because she is such a happy person. It is impossible not to love her, she is so sweet.”

Q: What appeals to you about Ben, your character?
Fallon: ”He is such a great guy. He is so sweet, he takes care of Drew’s character and when she is sick he doesn’t mind mopping up her vomit in the bathroom and cleaning up. He even brushes her dog’s teeth. He is inspiring and makes me want to be more romantic. I am not obsessed with baseball like my character, Ben, though. This guy is a really obsessed die-hard fan. He has Red Sox pillow cases and Red Sox sheets and framed photos of the stars of the team in his living room.”

Q: What was exciting about the project for you?
Fallon: “It was great to work with Drew Barrymore, that was most exciting, who wouldn’t be excited about working with Drew? I love the film because it is a really well written script, nothing gets too sugary or cute, and it is realistic.”

Q: How do you think moviegoers around the world will relate to this character and film – of course baseball isn’t popular everywhere?
Fallon: “I think all men will like this story and relate to it in general. The humor and the appeal of the film, the elements that make it good, have nothing to do with the Red Sox really. It is more about the obsession of sports fans and everyone can understand that. It looks at what happens when you are dating someone and you say to your girlfriend, ‘I need you to root for this team and wear this jersey or t-shirt.’ It is a situation that people are often placed in when they become involved in a relationship. They have differences. You know, it could be a different taste in music: ‘I like The Beatles, you like The Doors’ and you have to compromise, it is hard sometimes. You have to take the good with the bad so you listen to “She Loves You” and then “Light My Fire”.

Q: In the film, on your date with Drew, she is sick and vomits as you mentioned, have you had any bad first dates?
Fallon: “No I have not had many dates at all. My dating experience is so sad, it really is. I did not even start dating until I finished college. I was seeing a girl at college but I never took her on a date. I ran into her later and she said ‘you know you never once took me on a date. ‘ And I said: ‘I didn’t? Didn’t we even go to the movies?’ And she said ‘No’. But I think sporting events do make good first dates. You can sit there watching a game and ask her ‘Do you want a hotdog?Do you want a beer?’. That makes it easy.”

Q: Do you know people like Ben?
Fallon: “I based my character loosely on a very close friend, a producer at Saturday Night Live who loves the Boston Red Sox. He came into work one day looking like death, so gloomy. I asked someone, ‘what happened to Mike?’ and everyone would whisper, ‘don’t talk to him; The New York Yankees beat the Red Sox.’ Then when the Red Sox would win a game, he would be cheerful and happy. His moods were dependent upon the fortunes of his team.”

Q: Do you have any obsessions yourself?
Fallon: “Yes I have been obsessed with the TV show I ended up working on, Saturday Night Live, for my whole life, for as long as I can remember. When I was at high school my mother would bring snacks to my room and I would watch the show obsessively, I loved it. I would tape it and re-watch it. Even when I went to college I would never go out to a party while the show was on. So when I worked on the show I cannot even tell you how happy I was, it was a dream come true. I would have paid them to be on the show.”

Q: What are your career goals now?
Fallon: “I don’t have goals, I do need more goals. But I was ready to leave the TV show and I love this movie, I am really proud of it. I hope to get recognized everywhere around the world, I do enjoy doing movies. It is very different from TV because there are no cue cards – you have to learn your lines. Nobody told me when I started making films that you have to memorize your lines, which was a problem (laughs). But also,you make the film and have to wait a year before you find out the audience’s reaction. What is good is that you can do 20 takes and they will use the best. Movies also mean that you have to be on form and full of energy at 3 in the morning when you have probably been up since 5 in the morning and peaked at lunchtime.”

Q: Do you want a family someday?
Fallon: “I would love to have children, yes that would be great. I wish it were that easy because I cannot find a date. But I love kids and working with kids on this movie was great fun. They are so innocent and pretty smart too. There is one scene in the film about my love for the Red Sox and a boy gives me the best advice. He says ‘You love the Red Sox, but have they ever loved you back?’ and that comment helps my character to realize what is important in life and how important it is to appreciate the people you love. It is very moving.”

Q: What was it like playing a romantic lead for the first time?
Fallon: “I am learning as I am going along and developing. I can’t be Johnny Depp; he’s much better looking. I can’t be Robert De Niro because I don’t have his acting talent and I can’t be James Cagney, I don’t dance. But I love movies, they are awesome and I love to make people laugh.”