The Best Place To Hide Is Behind A Badge

Divinci (Jim Belushi) and Rodriguez (Tupac Shakur, in his final film role), two detectives at a metropolitan police department, supplement their paychecks with a series of covert drug deals that end in homicide for the unwitting recipients of stolen police evidence drugs. Divinci, the caustic, merciless mastermind of the operation truly believes that the two are doing the right thing by ridding the neighborhood of drug dealers, casually reporting the murders as "gang related," while making some extra money for themselves. Meanwhile, Rodriguez' nagging conscience makes him a somewhat reluctant participant in the ongoing scheme.

When one of the victims turns out to be an undercover DEA agent, the two cops find themselves embroiled in a downward spiral of deception as they seek to cover up their crime. Simm's (Gary Cole), the slain agent's superior, wants fast answers, leaving the detectives desperate to find a suspect on which to pin the homicide.

Cynthia (Lela Rochon), Divinci's girlfriend who makes her living as an exotic dancer, unwittingly becomes a key witness in the case when the detectives' randomly chosen scapegoat turns out to be a homless vagrant she knows from the alleyway behind her apartment. As the pressure from the DEA mounts, the judicial wheels are put in motion and a controversial, heated trial begins.

Smelling an opportunity for both personal and political gain, the city's zealous legal forces aggressively join in the headline-making fray, with the ambitious prosecutor Helen Eden (Wendy Crawson) vehemently committed to bringing the accused to justice. Meanwhile public defender Elliot Goff (David Paymer) and esteemed attorney Arthur Baylor (James Earl Jones), who joins the defense via a mysterious association with the accused, sense that something is awry.

As the truth begins to close in on them, Divinci and Rodriguez must attempt to pull off the riskiest and trickiest deception of their lives.

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