From the famed director of Vampires and Escape From New York, John Carpenterís Ghosts of Mars is a harrowing tale of rescue and escape from a colonized Mars in the year 2025.

Long inhabited by human settlers, the Red Planet has become the manifest destiny of an over-populated Earth. Nearly 640,000 people now live and work all over Mars, mining the planet for its abundant natural resources. But one of those mining operations has uncovered a deadly mother lode: a long- dormant Martian civilization whose warriors are systematically taking over the bodies of human intruders.

Lt. Melanie Ballard (Natasha Henstridge) of the Martian Police Force is on transport assignment to bring James ďDesolationĒ Williams (Ice Cube), the planetís most notorious criminal, to justice. Williams has no plans to make Ballardís job easy, and what begins as a battle of force and wits between cop and criminal soon turns into something more fundamental: a battle for human survival in the realm of the Martian warriors. Itís civilization against civilization as Ballard and Williams join forces in mortal combat with the Ghosts of Mars.

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