Production Co Gramercy Pictures
Director Stephen Frears
Staring Woody Harrleson
Billy Crudup
Patricia Arquette
Sam Elliott


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THE HI-LO COUNTRY recounts the enduring bond of friendship, one of common values and easy rapport, between two hard-living men ... and how that friendship would come to be challenged by the two men's passionate desires for the same woman.

The intimate drama is set against a sweeping backdrop: the American West, post-World War II, in its twilight. In the prairie town of Hi-Lo, New Mexico, Pete Calder (Billy Crudup) and Big Boy Matson (Woody Harrelson), best friends and compadres since before the war, are reunited. The two men return to their way of life: raising cattle, and working the land. Able to hold their own with other men, and well-liked by the ladies, they are masters of the land that they are proud to call home.

But the men must ultimately face trickier terrain: the human heart. Pete learns that Mona (Patricia Arquette), the woman he has always pined for, is now another man's wife. Pete settles back into his old niche with his steady, and steadying, girlfriend, Josepha O'Neil (Penelope Cruz). But Pete's discovery that Mona is engaged in a heated affair with Big Boy re-awakens his desires. Pete is tom by guilt, and startled by his longings. Mona represents everything that Pete yearns for, but cannot have.

The two friends' bond is sorely tested by Big Boy and Mona's intensifying love affair, and by simmering tensions with Jim Ed Love (Sam Elliott), who has bought up much of Hi-Lo's land and businesses. Ultimately, Pete and Big Boy's ftitures will be decided by the laws of the land, and by the extent of their love for the woman they both desire.
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