Starring Sandra Bullock, Mae Whitman, Gene Rowlands, Harry Connick, Jr.
Distrubutor Fox

When life fell apart
love fell into place

Birdee Pruitt(Sandra Bullock) seems to have it all. She's been married for years to her handsome high school sweetheart, and has a brilliant and sensitive child. But when her picture perfect life comes crashing down around her, Birdee must start over. With no place else to turn, the former beauty queen, along with daughter Bernice (Mae Whitman), heads back home ... to Smithville, Texas. There Birdee's life becomes even more complicated as she tries to deal with a mother (Gene Rowlands) she must get to really know for the first time, a daughter who desperately misses her father, and the prospect of a new romance. And Birdee's growing affection for her childhood friend Justin Matisse (Harry Connick, Jr.), who, she discovers, has carried a torch for her since high school, is another confusing and unwelcome complication.

But as Birdee undertakes her emotionally-charged journey, she begins to find the strength to reclaim her life, rediscover her family and return to something she had almost given up on ... hope.

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