Humbert Humbert is a fine and distinguished gentleman, a citizen of the world, a lover of European culture, who teaches French literature in a small town in New England. And, in this year of 1947, he is looking for accomodation.

He becomes the tenant of Charlotte, a lonely widow, who soon wants to accomodate him in other ways. An empty-headed provincial, an unstoppable chatterbox, she represents what he hates most. But she is also the mother of Dolores, better know as Lolita, a bitchy and witchy twelve year-old nymphet who reminds him of his tragic first love, which he has never been able to forget.

In order to conquer Lolita, Humbert rapidly marries his oppressive landlady, feeding her with sleeping pills to cool off her ardour every night. But she soon discovers his wicked ways after looking into his private diary. In a fit of blind fury, she runs out of the house and is killed by a speeding car.

For Humbert, a new life begins. He takes on the role of the orphan's tutor, Lolita, a provocative and innocent false virgin, both enigmatic and childish, plays the seduction game all the way across the States in a long dizzy journey. Thrills, more thrills...

Humbert believes he is in Heaven.

He does not know he's just taken the road to Hell...

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