Meet, Amar and Prem! Three unique species from planet Mars. Three friends who happily enter the Heaven of Marriage, bliss and ecstasy... but soon enough they discover the hell behind the heaven, the bickering behind the bliss and the agony behind the ecstasy. After all is it not said that in Marriage the first chapter is poetry and the rest is all prose ?

The three friends now swear that "Anyone who believes in the institution of marriage should be sent to a Mental Institute. Frustrated with their marital experiences, the trio gear up to do some Masti and decide that the only way to spice up their lives is to seek excitement outside home. To try to have as many affairs as possible. and then to meet and exchange notes.

Full of glee they begin their whacky and hilarious adventure where they search for forbidden fun. but before they can taste the delicious fruit of adultery, their adventure takes on a different turn and there comes a big twist in their sinful path. A twist that brings them face to face with Sikader... A twist that leaves them dumbfounded and very, very scared.

Little do they know that they are part of a mysterious plot. and to top it, they have to combat the danger of being exposed in front of their unsuspecting wives. and what could be worse than that?

Meet, Amar and Prem are thus on the run against the strong forces that are scheming against them. Now none of them could dare to say "What is Life without a little Masti?"

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