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The Remains Of The Day

Cert: U
Runtime: 2 hours 14 mins
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James Ivory directed this quietly moving film set just prior to World War II.

On the large English estate of Lord Darlington, a disciplined English butler, Stevens, devotes himself to his duties with rigorous dedication.

Like his father before him, Stevens lives to serve - to bring order and certainty to the estate's minutiae.

Though Stevens has the opportunity to break free of this mold in the form of a romance with the spirited housekeeper, Miss Kenton, he chooses to remain within the safe structure of the household, even one that has misguided loyalties to Nazi Germany. Christopher Reeve and Hugh Grant costar as men hoping to show Lord Darlington the danger of his allegiances.

THE REMAINS OF THE DAY was Merchant-Ivory's follow-up to HOWARDS END, which also starred Hopkins and Thompson; both actors were nominated for Academy Awards for their roles as dutiful servants in the later film.

Genre: Drama
UK release date: 1993
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, James Fox
Directed by: James Ivory