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The Squid And The Whale

Cert: 15
Contains very strong language and strong sex references
Runtime: 1 hour 21 mins
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The film captures with extraordinary immediacy the inner workings of the Berkman family in 1986 Brooklyn. Bernard (Jeff Daniels), an academic and author, and his restless wife Joan, (Laura Linney) an up-and-coming writer, have given up on their marriage. Their two sons Walt (Jesse Eisenberg), 16, and Frank (Owen Kline), 12, are left to grapple with their confusing and conflicted feelings. The experience is a tender, funny and ultimately moving coming-of-age for Walt and a tortuously premature one for Frank. The emotional tensions and strains that emerge during this difficult period for the Berkmans are given a remarkably subtle and nuanced portrayal as a family in transition learns to redefine itself.
Genre: Drama
UK release date: 07/04/2006
Starring: Jeff Daniels, Laura Linney, Jesse Eisenberg
Directed by: Noah Baumbach
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