The Jackal

There are forces in the world as powerful as nations. They have the ability to declare war and the resources to carry it out. Their motives may be political, financial or personal. But the goal is always the same: deliver a public message, soaked in blood, to strike fear in the hearts and minds of those who, for whatever reason, they regard as the enemy.

A ruthless assassin (Bruce Willis) has been hired by international cutthroats to eliminate someone at the very top of the U.S. government. His price: $70 million. Constantly on the move, changing his identity and location, everything about this hit man, including his sinister timetable, is a secret. He is known only as the Jackal.

Aware of the Jackal's presence but uncertain of his purpose, the FBI's Deputy Director (Sidney Poitier) faces the biggest challenge of his career. Working with a by-the-book Russian intelligence officer (Diane Venora), he must find some way to track down this cold-blooded killer. Reluctant but desperate, they realize that the only way to stop the assassin is to trust a man who thinks like one. Consequently, they enlist the aid of an imprisoned underground operative (Richard Gere) who has his own history with the Jackal.

Together, these unlikely allies enter a global race against the clock to stop the mysterious mercenary before he can complete his deadly assignment.

A contemporary suspense thriller played out across a vast international canvas, The Jackal was filmed in authentic locations spanning from Montreal to Washington DC, Virginia, the Carolinas, Chicago, London, Helsinki and Moscow. Based on the screenplay of the 1973 film The Day of the Jackal, the source material has been reworked and updated to include a wholly original series of richly drawn, compelling characters, daunting challenges and insidious uses for modern technology.

Here, an unlikely alliance forms between FBI Deputy Director Carter Preston, underground operative Declan Mulqueen and Russian officer Valentina Koslova, who come together as total strangers in order to track the hired assassin known only as the Jackal and end up having to rely on each other for their very lives. Like bloodhounds after a scent, the threesome attempt to follow-up on the electronic clues the mysterious killer leaves - clues which lead nowhere. With the clock ticking away as the imminent deadline approaches, they each become increasingly frustrated as they travel the world looking for a break - any break - in the case.

Complicating their efforts is the Jackal's everchanging appearance. An expert in the art of disguise, he transforms his facial characteristics, body type, voice, age, hair color and very demeanor into a variety of amazing alter egos. The Jackal's arsenal also includes some gruesome chemical surprises for those unwary souls who venture too close. He confounds his pursuers at every turn, using his encyclopedic knowledge of international travel, commerce, underworld contacts and computer technology to slip easily throughout the world without leaving a trace. Time is running out. Will the Jackal slip up and lead them to him or will he be successful in carrying out his plan?

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