He's gonna party like it's 1985!

The year is 1985, and Robbie Hart (Sandler) is a struggling musician with dreams of being a songwriter. Reduced to making ends meet as a suburban wedding singer, Robbie and his band belt out tunes at a local reception hall. During a break, he meets a waitress called Julia (Barrymore), flustered by her first day on the job. To their surprise, they realize that they are both "getting hitched," and, each is scheduled to work at the other's wedding. Unfortunately, Robbie's walk down the aisle ends in disaster when his bride Linda (Angela Featherstone), backs out, claiming she doesn't love him anymore.

Taking all the pain, Robbie starts lashing out at all the couples he sees. At gigs during weddings, he makes crude jokes and complains about love. With his personal life in shambles and his career heading towards the gutter, Robbie quits wedding singing altogether and starts looking for more respectable work -- playing Bar Mitzvahs.

As Julia's big day approaches, she becomes a nervous wreck. Her husband to be just leaves her with all the arrangements. So she turns to her best friend Holly (Christine Taylor) and Robbie for help with the arrangements. After all, he's an expert on planning a wedding even if he won't provide the entertainment.

Robbie turns out to be the perfect helper, charming bridal bargains out of everyone from the florist to the photographer - even giving his opinion on the wedding dress that Julia should wear. With all of the arrangements made, Holly insists that Robbie help Julia rehearse the wedding kiss. Reluctantly, he agrees, and when their lips lock, so do their hearts.

As Robbie comes to terms with his feelings for Julia, he discovers that her boyfriend Glenn (Matthew Glave) has been messing around with other girls when Julia isn't around. He's just marrying her because she deserves it after being together for so long. Robbie must figure out a way to convince her that Glenn is a big mistake before it's too late.

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