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ALL throughout history humanity has inflicted prejudice and hatred on those who are different, be it their skin colour, their religion, their accent even the way they dress. Due to ignorance, fear of the unknown or just because they could, those who have persecuted minorities have prospered, after all "I'm not one of them" is prevalent. For some the right to be different is what defines them, to others it is a beacon for abuse and vitriol and now there is a new, more insidious target.
MUTANTS. They throw the classical evolutionary theory out of the window, rapidly in the space of a few decades they have reached a point normally attained after millenia. Possibly the next step in the evolutionary ladder, "Homo Superior", they are as diverse as the rest of humanity is limited in it's imagination, and it's fears. Now awareness is building, no longer isolated outbreaks of unexplained phenomena but displays that can not be denied, and the world is wondering and waiting and are now starting to say "What have we become?"
BEHIND the scenes with tension rising, and calls for regulation mounting, a greater struggle is emerging. Between those who feel that Mutants and Humanity can eventually work together and find peace and those who consider this to be an idle dream, a delusion and since they are the "next step the Earth is theirs to inherit. They will try to ensure that they do. Now is the time of the first battle between the CHILDREN OF THE ATOM.



Professor Charles Xavier has a dream. That dream like so many that have gone before consists of harmony between current foes. And like such forebears as Lincoln and Martin Luther King he has paid a price for his dream. He is confined to a wheelchair, although this does not prevent him from doing what he needs to. He is also considered to be the strongest telepath on the planet.
Professor X
Holocaust Survivor Magnus Lensherr has been through it before. The abuse, the bigotry, a country indiscriminately scapegoating a minority for it's own past failings. Except this time he can do something about it. Master of Magnetism, Magneto is not strictly evil, just driven to do anything to ensure his dream comes true. That Mutants and Humanity cannot co-exist, and that "Homo Superior" comes out on top.
Scott Summers, field leader of the X-Men. Is capable of firing high energy "optic blasts" from his eyes. Must wear Ruby Quartz lenses at all times.
Mortimer Toynbee, unofficial world high-jump record holder. Physical features include an elongated tongue and supreme physical fitness. Is known to like "Star Wars".
Logan is a man at war with himself. Wanted by more people than he can count, this ex-CIA operative, finds it hard to cope with others after spending so much time as a loner. Aided by rapid healing, quick reactions and a near berserk nature, Wolverine is deadly in a fight.
Victor Creed is everything Wolverine strives not to be come. An animalistic blur of fury and uncompromising might. Capable of ripping a sapling in half, he is wanted by the CIA, almost as much as Logan. Sabretooth has found a home with Magneto as his henchman.
Ororo Munroe, mistress of the elements, able to generate almost any kind of weather condition imaginable. Capable of flight, Storm is also a skilled lock-picker and motivator.
Raven Darkholme, assassin for hire, spy and shapeshifter. Able to mould her external appearance to that of anyone. Mystique is an expert in hand to hand combat and infiltration.
Jean Grey, scientist, spokesperson and pilot. Jean Grey is also one of the most powerful telekinetics walking the Earth. Capable of halting even the mass of a man in mid-flight with the power of her mind. Despite this there is still further potential to be tapped and not even Xavier knows how much.
Jean Grey
Senator Kelly
Senator Kelly, outspoken opponent of the X-Men "terrorists". He is more frightened than evil, frightened that the America and the world he knows will disappear nearly overnight to this Mutant menace. This fear is what drives him, and may lead to his name being spoken, eventually, alongside that of McCarthy.

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